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Ali: PLC Panorama – Vilnius

Team: Zivile Putrimaite, Julija Lileikaite

Project year: 2013

Area: 90 m2

Location: Vilnius, PLC Panorama

More about the project here

A new Ali Chocolate Store opened at the Panorama shopping mall in Vilnius.

A frozen white interior with slightly tilted columns, furniture surfaces and metal details unnoticeably direct the viewer's gaze towards the center of attention – the showcase of goodies. The showcase faces the hall of the shopping center, taking advantage of the customer flows and inviting everyone in.

A service island is located in the middle of the space, accessible and visible from all sides, the center which clients and employees orbit around. Two types of zones for enjoying goodies and drinks are arranged either side of the space. The bar-height tables are meant for having a quick espresso and piece of almond cake, whereas the lounge tables were designed for a more comfortable tasting of goodies.

The large and active light fixture, decorated with a golden mirror, was designed to provide a contrast to the passive environment, giving the interior the impression of liveliness, absorbing the colours, smells and tastes that surround it, as well as emitting a warm mood.